Tito’s initiated his career as an illustrator and graphic designer in 1995, creating characters and illustrations for important companies in South America. He also designed covers for books and cd’s, advertising spots and musical videos. As a graphic designer, Tito’s worked in advertising, occupying positions like Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and Illustrator. He co-founded Cid e-builders, a company dedicated to the development of Web pages and multimedia.

In 1999, Tito’s published his first comic strip, although it is not until later that he defined himself as a comic artist. In 2007, Tito’s comics were published in several Bolivian magazines, along with a graphic novel of his own edition, titled in Spanish: ¿... y que viene después? (So, what now?). Tito's has since done several solo exhibits at the Goethe Institute, the Alliance Française and other venues in La Paz.